On September 15, 2017 my husband Curtis and I rode to Shelter Island, back to the diner where we first met Clarissa — the Clarissa who is memorialized in the song “Clarissa” on my “XOXO” album.  We wanted to play “Clarissa” for Trish, the waitress who had told us about Clarissa’s passing a few years ago. We also went to the nearby brewery and surprised Clarissa’s husband with the song.  He told us more stories of how beloved his Clarissa was on Shelter Island.

With this trip today, I now feel the album is complete.

Several pictures of Clarissa grace the little diner, now called Islander, and I was given permission to share them on my website.

Clarissa is in pink, and next to her is Trish.  Clarissa is also seen with her husband Jim.

The newspaper item was written by Clarissa before she passed away.

Clarissa on the right, Trish next to her

Me at the diner 9/15/2017

Clarissa and Jim

Shelter Island Ferry (north side)